The initiative to unify the collection of noise monitoring data

Our purpose is to facilitate access to noise monitoring data through a common API service and a standardized data structure

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The Problem

Increased institutional transparency has led to the proliferation of open data platforms where local authorities share information on many urban subjects, including the environmental noise. The access to the data, which is usually presented with different structures, is done differently on each platform, and in many of them it is not possible to access historical noise data. These limitations create problems for researchers and specialists who want to obtain information from different cities for their projects, being this the problem that ONMN wants to solve.



The Open Noise Monitoring Network is developing a toolkit for:

  • Connect to Open Data platforms and acquire noise monitoring data.

  • Standardize the data to a common schema.

  • Store the standardized data in a common database.

  • Provide the data to stakeholders through an API service.


The solutions under development are intended to cover four main goals:


Centralize access to data from noise monitoring devices

Facilitate research

Facilitate environmental noise research in urban areas

Improve analytics

Improve noise analysis for better insights and decision making

Promote open data

Introduce and foster an open data approach to environmental noise management